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What to Remember About Applying for a Partner Visa in Australia

A partner visa can be the right visa to apply for if you're trying to bring your spouse or domestic partner into Australia to be with you. This type of visa is not like standard visas you might use when traveling, so it's good to know some details about how it works and who is eligible for such a visa before you apply, and before you decide that you or your partner are not eligible. Note the following.

1. Eligibility

A partner visa is given to a domestic partner of someone who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. This is not a visa given to those who are partners of someone who is in Australia simply on extended business or other such travel.

Note that same-sex partnerships are eligible for the partner visa, as are those in a long-term, committed relationship; it's not only those who are actually married who are eligible for partner visas. There are various ways of proving that you have been in a long-term, committed relationship with someone other than a marriage license, including proof of shared bank accounts or apartment rental agreements.

2. Health requirements

There are certain health requirements for anyone entering Australia on a visa, and this applies to those who are granted a partner visa. You may be required to have a recent chest x-ray and other such examinations in order to be qualified for the visa; this may depend on what activities you may be doing when entering Australia.

3. Visa length

After being approved for a partner visa, you are given a temporary visa that you can use to stay in the country while a decision is made about giving you a permanent visa. With the temporary visa, you can work in Australia and even apply for their national health program. You can also attend school in Australia but will not be eligible for government funding for your schooling.

If you are granted a permanent visa, you can apply for citizenship and even sponsor other relatives to travel to the country on a temporary or permanent visa. The permanent visa also then allows you to apply for social security and other government benefits.

Remember that if you have questions about applying for any type of visa in Australia, you would do well to consult with a visa agent from a company like Fisa Pty Ltd. Everyone situation is different, and an agent can advise you on your rights and the process needed to grant you or your partner a visa for entering the country.