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How a Good Customs Broker Can Be Crucial to a New Importation Business

If you have recently become involved in an import operation which is likely to become more extensive as the months and years roll out, you will be at the start of an interesting relationship with the various government authorities. You need to ensure that you are compliant in many different areas so that you can continue your business uninterrupted and must also ensure that you don't pay excess tariffs or duties on the materials or products you're introducing. How can customs brokers help you navigate this maze?

Constantly Changing

As you probably know, you are legally responsible for any information supplied to the Australian Border Force and Customs departments. This can be quite a daunting proposition, especially as legislation in this area seems to be constantly fluid.

It may be a good idea for you to work with experienced customs experts who can help you ensure that you are compliant in these critical areas so that your data is always accurate in relation to your dutiable imports.

Checking the Issues

If you bring in customs consultants, they will help you to engage a thorough review of the entire operation, as they will have an internal review system. This will help them to discover any issues you may have in your paperwork trail so you can be sure that your lodged declarations are accurate.


If you have already been flagged for a customs audit for some reason, it would be particularly beneficial for you to get an independent review by an outside consultant before the government representatives become involved. This may also help you to uncover savings that you might have missed. You may be eligible for duty refunds or could take advantage of cost savings through a variety of different schemes.

Refunds Due?

For example, a free-trade agreement may be applicable in your case. You may also be able to claim a refund of duty in the case of individual components, if such components are likely to be exported at some point again. This may also include a refund of any goods and service tax payments, and this can have a significant effect on your cash flow and expenditures.

Navigating the Maze

It is very difficult for the average organisation to keep up with these intricacies. It's therefore in their best interests to engage a customs consultant and broker who can act as their eyes and ears in the business.