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Helpful Tips for Having a Successful Experience When Having RPE Fit Testing Done in Your Business

If you run a business that requires your employees to wear respirators because of the type of work that they do, then you might be aware of the requirement to have respirator fit testing done regularly, as well as anytime that new equipment is given out to your employees. If it's time for you to have this testing done, then you might be hoping that it can be done without there being any problems. These tips should help you with having a successful experience.

Schedule the Appointment Ahead of Time

It's important to keep track of when RPE fit testing needs to be done and to make sure that you call ahead to schedule an appointment to have it done when needed. You don't want to accidentally miss the date when you need to have testing done by (such as every two years), nor do you want to have to wait on putting your new RPE equipment to use due to not having it tested for proper fit in a timely manner. If you call in advance, you can schedule an appointment so that there will not be a delay in having RPE fit testing done when needed.

Make Use of a Mobile Fit Testing Service

Although you do have the option to send your employees off-site for their RPE fit testing, this might not be the best option. Instead, you may want to make use of a mobile service. Then, you can have a team of people sent to your business to perform RPE fit testing on-site. This is a good idea if you need to have all of your employees' equipment tested at one time. This way, employees can simply have their testing done and can then return to work.

Give Your Employees Simple Instructions

Lastly, you should provide your employees with some simple instructions before the testing date so that they can be prepared. All sorts of things can impact the fit of RPE equipment, including facial hair. You may want to advise your employees to shave, pull their hair back, and take other steps to help ensure that testing is done accurately and properly.

If you need to have RPE fit testing done on the equipment that your employees use for safety while they are at work, then you might want to follow the advice above. Hopefully, testing will go smoothly and properly if you do. Contact a company like FitTick to learn more.