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A Guide On Partner Visas

A partner visa permits a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen to live permanently in the country. Most people experience challenges when applying for this visa. However, this should not be the case if you consider these pointers.

Assess Your Eligibility

It is vital to note that you can only apply for this visa if you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or resident. Your application gets revoked if you do not meet these criteria. However, the Department of Home Affairs makes further assessments to establish if they will admit you into the country. For example, the department evaluates your character to establish if you threaten Australian residents. For instance, the department could reject your application if you are affiliated with criminal networks. Besides, you must present your medical reports to ensure you do not have any infectious illnesses. If you are ailing, the department assesses whether your condition prevents Australian citizens from accessing health centres. 

Hire An Immigration Lawyer 

If you meet the above criteria, hire an immigration lawyer to help with your application. Below are a few reasons to hire an immigration lawyer; 

  • The professional re-examines your eligibility criteria for inconsistencies that could lead to visa revocation. For instance, if you have been imprisoned in the past, the lawyer could ask you to consider a police clearance certificate to prove that you are an outstanding citizen.
  • Your lawyer helps you organise the application documents. For instance, the department could ask for joint financial records or pictorial evidence to prove your relationship.
  • The lawyer deals with all correspondence from your case officer. It prevents you from giving contradicting information that could lower your visa approval chances.
  • The lawyer prepares you for interviews and is present during these interviews. Ideally, their presence prevents your case officer from overstepping their boundaries. 

When hiring an immigration lawyer, consider background research to assess their suitability for the job. For example, examine their experience and ability to guarantee a positive outcome. Moreover, ensure the lawyer has professional liability insurance. 

Provide Factual Information

You could be tempted to give false information to your lawyer or case officer to improve your chances of a positive outcome. For instance, you could lie about your relationship status, financials, or marriage. Such actions could lead to visa denial. Ideally, the department conducts intensive checks to authenticate the information you provide. For instance, they could contact close friends and family. The department automatically revokes your application if they detect false information.